Online file storage and backup made simple

Want to never worry about losing…
Your coursework?
That important document?
All your Music, Movies and pictures?
Using tablets, smartphones as well as your trusty computers and laptops, but need to have access to all your files on all devices?
Don’t want to pay loads to make this happen?

BONSAI is your answer!

Choose one of our great products Bonsai Backup or Bonsai Briefcase, and get online file storage and backup that will have your digital dilemmas solved!

  • Bonsai Backup

    Less than £5 a month*

    - Unlimited file storage space

    - Keep your online file backups safe

    - Protects your files in the background

    - No technical knowledge needed

    - Stream your media on all devices

    - FREE 14 day trial!

  • Bonsai Briefcase

    Less than £10 a month*

    - Everything from Bonsai Backup plus…

    - Your own personal 512GB drive

    - Sync between all of your devices

    - Accessible from anywhere

    - Share files with anyone easily

    - FREE 14 day trial!

* Get two months FREE when you chose the yearly subscription.