• IT Insurance

    Life Insurance or IT Insurance Life as we know it today is revolved around our computers, our smart phones and our tablets. We always make every effort to insure all of these devices, but what exactly are these devices? If we take a step back and look at the overall picture, a few years back, [...]

  • Student Discount – 50% off for first few who claim!

    myBonsai has teamed up with Student Beans, to offer amazing discounts to all students in the UK! for the first few people to sign up through Student Beans, you can get 50% off our normal prices! That means you can backup your whole computer no matter how many songs movies or pictures you have for [...]

  • Heart Bleed

    As you have heard, over the past few days, the cardiac surgeons of the IT world have been talking about a bug called “Heart Bleed”. This bug affects, something called Open SSL. Just like many other businesses across the web, Bonsai Cloud Solutions also use Open SSL. However as soon as we became aware of [...]

  • Google shares our vision!

    Larry Page had a great interview with Charlie Rose on TED, on where Google is going next? We realised a lot of similarities with their overall vision: We both feel that data, if made easily accessible, can really help to change the world. We both feel that bringing order to our information, can help us [...]

  • File Storage, The History

    File Storage – Before we knew it File Storage with computers, started way before we can remember! The very first concept was developed in the 1920s as a magnetic tape. This then constantly evolved to become a hard disk in the 1950s. If you are twenty something or above, you might remember the era of [...]

  • What is Online Backup?

    Why Should I Backup online? Everyone knows they should backup their computer. We all save so much important documents and valuable memories on our computers these days. Just like we would insure our lovely houses and beautiful cars, we should also insure our precious, valuable data! But not that many of us actually do! Why [...]

  • Facebook say what’s up to WhatsApp

    What’s Up Facebook! I’m sure you have heard about this crazy acquisition that has just happened. Something about Facebook paying a little pocket change ($19 Billion) for WhatsApp. Was it worth it? Well when you think about it, WhatsApp is probably one of the few apps all mobile users will say they use at least [...]

  • What is the Cloud?

    What is the cloud? What exactly is this cloud? Every day more and more people are starting to use this term “Cloud”. Everyone knows the word when referring to a fluffy white thing in the sky. But then why are all these Big Bang Theory looking people talking about it when referring to computers? In [...]

  • The Rise of Flexible Working

    Virgin put up this interesting post today saying: “New research, commissioned by Virgin and carried out by YouGov, has discovered that more than three quarters of office workers are not allowed to work remotely as often as they would like to. With only 7% of those asked saying they were allowed to do so on [...]

  • Online Backup Holiday Offer

    Happy New Year Everyone! We at Bonsai Cloud Solutions, have had a great few months to start off our life, but we have big plans for the new year! And we can’t wait to go through the journey with you! Our Bonsai Backup service is one of the best online backup services around. If you [...]