About Us

Making the Cloud Simple

UK-based online backup and data storage solutions

Bonsai Cloud Solutions is part of a technology company founded in 2005, we believe we can provide the best solution for online backup, file storage and recovery at reasonable prices. Our aim is simple we strive:

  1. To provide a high quality service
  2. To make it very simple (Children to grandparents will feel comfortable using it)
  3. To make our prices extremely competitive and reasonable
  4. To maintain an outstanding support service
  5. To keep our customers happy

We believe that we can change the way people think and feel about the cloud, by using our services, our customers realise how easy and simple it is to store their files online. They also realise that Bonsai Cloud is actually just physical servers based in UK, which are carefully monitored in order to provide complete security and reliability for everyone that uses our services.

We have various options to give you the best solution possible. Millions of people are using online storage, why not join them? If you have already gone online, why not check to see how much we can help you save and find out more about our great services!

Our team wants to help you find the best solution for your needs. Bonsai Cloud Solutions strives to provide you with the same high level service that we expect to see here in our own business. We believe that all customers are the same, be it an individual wanting to store all their music, movies and pictures, a dental practice backing up all their patient data, or a multinational corporation; to us you are all the same customer, looking for an honest service that you can love and integrate with easily.

Richard Branson and his team over at Virgin start ups also believe in what we are doing, and are now backing Bonsai Cloud Solutions!